Our Values


We aim for excellent in quality and do everything to achieve this aim from service parts to product monitoring the whole production process. Our vision inspires us to provide the outstanding quality and impressive solutions to continuously create the maximum value for our customers.

We aim for excellent in customer service and do everything to achieve this aim from planning, quotation, installation, training, regular maintenance and service parts,combined with the global sales & service center. We achieve high performance in customer service with efficient, professional and reliable service concept for our customers.


We aim for innovative and do everything to practice. Weishi is not only a factory for mechanical manufacturing, but also a platform for talents in the industry. Diversity creates more oppprtunity. Our R & D team, which integrates many overseas technical experts, has been committed to the continuous changing of market, being innovative to practice in the market after well-tested and create sustainable value.

With independent research and development, controllable industrial technology is the basis for our development to advanced manufacturing industry, and a strong support for leading the industry to the direction of intelligence.

Our Vision

Leading the development of laundry and garment manufacturing industry to intelligent direction

We constantly improve our own strength, with science, talents and education, and strengthen ourselves with a pragmatic attitude. Leading laundry and garment manufacturing industry to develop in the direction of intelligence, advancing the transformation in China's manufacturing equipment , embracing globalization, improve competitiveness, and lead the development of service equipment for a century.