Visit laundry factory | LAUNDRY SERVICE XIAMEN AIRLINES:Fine management through the whole process to let customers put "sunshine" on them!

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5S plays an important role in promoting corporate image, safety production, promoting standardization and creating a pleasant workplace. On the basis of 5S on-site management, Chinese enterprises have added safety elements to the original 5S and formed "6S".

6S management, as a management mode that can effectively improve enterprise image, reduce waste, improve efficiency, improve quality, ensure safety, extend equipment life, and reduce cost, how can enterprises implement fine management into the implementation details of daily production management based on 6S elements? This article today's field visit to Laundry Service Xiamen Airlines, may be able to reveal the answer for you.

Laundry Service Xiamen Airlines, fully implementing 6S management

When entering Laundry Service Xiamen Airlines, all employees in the workshop should wear work shoes uniformly. Before entering the workshop, visitors must wear shoe covers first. Before the linen recovered from the hotel enters the workshop, the transporter should also use the "air drum" to deal with the dust on the wheels.

In the production workshop, the polished paint lines and signs on the floor let people know at a glance the multiple functional areas of the sorting area, dry cleaning area, washing area, ironing area, drying area, finishing area and guest clothing area.

According to the introduction, when collecting and washing cloth and grass, each hotel has already classified and packed according to the items. Among them, "special pollution" which needs to be washed again will be directly picked out, and all will be placed on the pallet to ensure that the linen does not fall to the ground! The workshop is divided into "quick washing, standard washing, back washing and hand washing", and is placed in categories to avoid secondary cross contamination. At the same time, labels are pasted to facilitate the identification of post job water cleaners and wash according to the specified procedures. Implement the sorting responsibility mechanism, so that the former post serves the latter post, and the latter supervises the former post.

From large washing equipment to small flowers and plants, there are exclusive housekeepers with responsibility to people. According to the complete set of maintenance measures, regularly maintain the washing equipment to ensure the production of high-quality and high-quality washing products, and avoid the problems of cloth grass burr caused by machine reasons.

Maintenance tools have become a complete set of 6S fixed, and there is a wall mounted "tool forest" in the maintenance room, which is classified and organized. Exclusive shoe cabinet, exclusive custom-made water cup, exclusive custom-made tableware and so on, all show the enterprise's humanistic care for employees. "A group of people, one thing, one mind, work together, win together", "simple things are repeated, you are the expert", "people together call a party, heart together call a team", such simple and straightforward slogans can be seen everywhere on the wall of the laundry workshop.

Professional laundry service, from excellent team

Wang Jing, general manager of Laundry Service branch, Xiamen Airlines, believes that humanistic care plays an important role in the enterprise, and it is also the key to let employees recognize the enterprise and truly serve the enterprise with their best efforts. Therefore, building a good sense of belonging and culture has become an important part of Xiamen Airlines' work and development.

How to stimulate employees' enthusiasm for production and greatly improve production efficiency without major changes in personnel and equipment? Salary reform is the answer given by Laundry Service, Xiamen Airlines management team. The management team has changed the mechanism of equal distribution of rice in a big pot, and adopted the method of basic salary plus piece work to encourage employees to work more and earn more. And break the inherent mechanism of evaluation in previous years, allocate high bonus to reward employees who have outstanding achievements and outstanding contributions in all aspects. From "setting up people for awards" to "setting awards for people", we should fully mobilize and encourage the enthusiasm and initiative of employees.

"Competition is fierce in every industry. If you want to be a leader in the industry, it is not enough to make great efforts. Only with high technology, strict drilling and toughness, can we be bigger and stronger. No one can be slack on the way forward. " It has become the consensus of all staff of Xiamen Airlines. At present, through all kinds of training and learning, the company has a very professional washing technology personnel and team, to ensure that customers can deliver quality products and services that meet the washing specifications.


Quality service

Thanks to excellent facilities

According to Mr. Wang of the company, since its establishment, Laundry Service, Xiamen Airlines has been upholding and continuing the excellent service tradition of Xiamen Airlines Group. In order to provide customers with environmental and healthy high-quality washing service, Xiamen Airlines has always made great efforts in equipment selection, chemical material selection and washing process optimization.

Most laundry factories will consider the cost performance ratio when purchasing equipment. In the view of Mr. Wang, the so-called cost performance ratio not only focuses on the initial purchase investment of equipment, but also depends on the after-sales service provided by equipment suppliers for equipment maintenance. When Xiamen Airlines was first established, almost all the washing equipment imported from abroad was purchased, with excellent overall performance and good washing effect. Later, the well-known innovation ability and service level of Shanghai Weishi Machinery Co., Ltd. in the domestic washing industry began to gradually step into the vision of the company's management.

"At the beginning, we tentatively purchased a roller inroner from Weishi. After the equipment was determined, we found that the company's site conditions were limited and the space distance was not enough. At the same time, we installed the equipment. Just when we were ready to give up, Weishi's engineer came to the factory to take photos and spent nearly half a month to modify the equipment according to the actual site conditions. Finally, we customized the equipment, changed the direction of the belt discharge, and successfully put the equipment into installation and use. During this period, whether it is engineers or technical staff of Weishi, the attentive service to customers is really impressive. " Looking back on the history of his association with Weishi, Mr. Wang still has a fresh memory.

After that, Xiamen Airlines has purchased continuous batch washer, transfer dryer and other equipment from Weishi. Mr. Wang said that compared with the same type of equipment used before, it can be seen from the data that about 30% of energy can be saved and a lot of labor can be saved, which plays a key role in the company's operation in Fuzhou.

In addition to the strict selection of equipment, Laundry Service, Xiamen Airlines also uses green, healthy and high-quality laundry accessories, uses "laundry liquid distributor" to carry out automatic feeding according to the specified types, and accurately controls and uses the chemicals required for the washing process. Not only each washing process is strictly in accordance with the professional operating procedures, under the 24-hour production process without dead corner monitoring, strict washing; and all the cloth grass of each customer must be tested for "pH" value, to ensure that all tests are up to standard, and then delivered to customers together with the test report.

From Xiamen Airlines, not only from Xiamen Airlines

During the visit, we found an interesting thing, that is, the original washing of Xiamen Airlines has now become the fresh washing of Xiamen Airlines herons. Why is there a fresh egret mixed in the laundry process of Xiamen Airlines? Mr. Wang told us the reason.

It turns out that Lu Xiansheng is a very popular fresh food platform in Xiamen. However, fresh food alone can not fully meet the people's increasingly diverse needs of life. The business philosophy of Xiamen Airlines washing is "let customers wear sunshine on their bodies". The core of this sunshine life concept is environmental protection and saving. To some extent, it has something in common with the business philosophy of Lu Xiansheng.

If the washing of clothes, the care of luxury goods, the cleaning of large household items (such as curtains, sofas, etc.), including housekeeping, are put on the platform of Lu Xiansheng for resource integration, and equipped with the life service platform, the washing service can be rapidly extended, and even more business expansion can be carried out. The company's own corporate background as the backing will also become a strong endorsement for the rapid expansion and development of its business after the combination of the two. The company's future vision is to copy and promote the concept and mode of sunshine life and rely on the professional advantages of Xiamen Airlines Group, so as to benefit more people's lives.


During our visit to Xiamen Airlines, we ran into a group of local hotel customers who visited the Fuzhou factory. Before the end of our on-site visit, the hotel customers had decided to sign a cooperation agreement with Laundry Service, Xiamen Airlines. What makes customers make cooperative decisions so quickly? The hotel customer's reply makes people think deeply: "a laundry factory with such well-organized management, such attention to details, so energetic and enthusiastic workers, we believe that they will certainly be able to put customers in mind and do a good job in quality! "

Management is an eternal topic of enterprise management. At present, many laundry enterprises are discussing how to effectively improve management efficiency and realize the growth of salesmen? I hope that the meticulous management mode of Laundry Service, Xiamen Airlines can bring us enlightenment.


SPECIAL THANKS TO:Shanghai Weishi Machinery Co., Ltd.

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