Visit laundry factory | Zhejiang Xingyue: how does the laundry factory located in the town of Northern Zhejiang keep pace with the times and make continuous breakthroughs?

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Zhejiang Xingyue washing Co., Ltd., established in 2000, is located in Changxing County, the junction of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces, known as the "thoroughfare of three provinces". It is one of the professional linen laundry enterprises in Northern Zhejiang. The company covers a total area of more than 5000 square meters and has more than 100 employees. It mainly provides high-quality and professional linen washing services for large and medium-sized hotels and restaurants. Its annual turnover has been No.1 in the city for more than ten years, and has become the linen washing supplier of high-end hotels in the "Taihu dragon dream" tourism new city project. How can a linen washing company in a county keep pace with the times and continuously provide high-quality linen washing service? Today, I'll take you into Xingyue to find out.

Good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations

Win "Taihu dragon dream" Hotel washing business

In April 2016, the "Taihu Lake Dragon dream" tourism complex project, with an investment of 25.1 billion yuan, officially started construction on the southwest Bank of Taihu Lake in Changxing, Northern Zhejiang Province. According to the plan, the project includes 7 star hotels, 13 theaters, 1 ancient town of Taihu Lake, 1 wildlife Park, 1 circus city and bonsai Park, 7 theme parks, 30000 square meters exhibition center and 5000 mu Wetland Park, with a total area of 11600 mu. As the largest washing factory in Changxing, Xingyue washing undertakes all the local high-end hotel linen washing business and the medical linen washing business of two hospitals. Its service quality and good after-sales service have been widely recognized and praised by local customers. Based on the unique advantages of "favorable weather, favorable location and harmonious people", it was soon selected as the cooperative washing supplier of the hotel linen in the project.

The cooperation agreement with "Taihu dragon dream" has led to the rapid growth of Xingyue's washing business. In order to adapt to the rapid expansion of production capacity, Xingyue invested 16 million yuan to build more than 2000 square meters of modern workshop on the basis of the original plant, and purchased the continous batch washer unit with international advanced level, automatic deep chest ironing machine, hydraulic press and double cake shuttles and other complete sets of washing equipment. Make the company from the original traditional laundry factory gradually to the modern intelligent laundry factory mode transformation.

The breakthrough of factory transformation

Starting from personnel structure management

Before the completion of Xingyue new factory, the washing service had been carried out in the traditional washing factory mode. The washing process mostly depended on the single machine system and manual operation, and the age structure of the staff was too large. Although Xingyue's service is well-known in the local area with the joint efforts of everyone, the actual capacity demand seeks further expansion opportunities, especially after equipped with the advanced laundry machine, the problems of talent management and staff skills are gradually highlighted.

In order to further build a modern management and operation, in 2018, Xingyue hired professional managers to join the company, and established a new management team with efficient operation, which injected fresh blood into the company's modern management and operation. And quickly according to the actual situation of Xingyue, the goal planning and implementation details of the factory development were formulated. On the basis of increasing the investment in market development, further efforts were made to improve the production management, capacity expansion and quality improvement of the enterprise.

During this year's epidemic, in order to fully cope with the production situation of declining production capacity, Xingyue adjusted a series of previous management and production modes. First of all, change the minimum wage system of employees, and timely reimbursement of various work expenses on the basis of full payment to ensure the enthusiasm of employees. Secondly, adjust the working hours. The factory starts to work at 12:00 noon, freeing up the morning time, so as to ensure that the machinery and equipment will not run empty due to the decline of production capacity, so as to reduce the costs of water, electricity and gas.

Insist on tracing the source of the problem

To ensure the thorough solution of customer complaints

In the process of Xingyue's development, it also encountered various difficulties. For example, once a customer reported that there were black spots, yellow spots and rust stains on cloth after washing. Xingyue management team organized the technical department personnel to trace the source of customer complaints at the first time to seek a fundamental solution to the problem. In the process of traceability, a series of problems of factory hardware and software management have been exposed. However, Xingyue insists that the continuous running in of advanced equipment and technology can better meet the challenges of quality service.

"If it is only to reflect the service quality, we can take the measures of back washing to meet the requirements of customers, and seek customers' understanding with good after-sales service attitude. However, this is not the final result that the company wants, because even if the customer complaint is solved in a short time and quickly, the recurrence of similar problems cannot be avoided and the problem can not be solved fundamentally. In a sense, if there is too high backwash rate, on the one hand, it will cause waste of factory cost operation, on the other hand, it will also affect the washing quality and customer's consumption experience." The management of the company thinks so.

It is understood that Xingyue had a customer complaint about the black spot problem before, in order to solve the problem. The technical backbone of the factory carefully checked each washing process, and found that the fluff generated in the washing process of linen was attached to the ironed fabric after flying, which could not be removed in time, resulting in the appearance of black spots affecting the ironing quality. After finding out the reason, the factory installed a large pile collector, using a filter to cover the fluff, completely cut off the possibility of black spots from the source, reduced the rate of back washing, and no more customer complaints of black spots.

Believe that small factories can also do a good job in big business

According to reports, any problems in the process of Xingyue factory's transformation from traditional mode to modern intelligent washing factory mode will seek solutions from the factory itself. Although sometimes the cause of the problem is not entirely from the factory, it can not directly find the cause from the customers who serve it, because this does not conform to the law of enterprise service and development. The management of the company always thinks that the reason why customers choose the washing factory is to provide good service and export the washing products that meet the standards, rather than throw out the problem cloth. Therefore, the most critical problem is not to blame, but how to guide the situation according to the needs of customers to further force the factory to improve production equipment, optimize process flow, improve management, and ultimately achieve the fundamental goal of replacing part of labor by machines, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection.

During the epidemic period in 2020, Xingyue just took advantage of the decline in production capacity to focus on the integration and upgrading of internal resources. In addition to daily work, the factory has put more energy into the fine management of the enterprise, especially in the operation and maintenance of advanced laundry equipment and the improvement and upgrading of washing process. At present, we are working closely with Shanghai Weishi Machinery Co., Ltd., a supplier of laundry equipment, to strengthen the implementation and testing of improvement opinions in the process of equipment use, and to practice hard.

Xingyue's technical backbones found that the parts just replaced during the Spring Festival last year may have made corresponding technical improvements according to the actual needs of customers in the use process. By this year, the parts have been replaced. As long as the technical backbone of the factory can't solve even minor problems, the technical engineers of Weishi will arrange to come to the factory to investigate and solve the problems on the spot by wechat or telephone. This timely and effective update and service can save the factory a lot of worries.

The management of Xingyue is full of confidence and unanimously believes that: the technological innovation ability and professional and meticulous after-sales service of Weishi can make Xingyue move forward more steadily in the future. The road of factory transformation has just started. In the future, a series of industries supporting linen washing still have great potential and development opportunities for the integrated development of supply chain. As long as the enterprise has a good internal strength, it will certainly do more.

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