Visit laundry factory | How does the linen washing from one of the famous hotel "Naked Stables" and "Naked Castle" in the world?

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Someone said: "Moganshan has been a place where dreams can be made from ancient times. Every hotel owenr we meet often talks about his original intention and his eyes are shining with light, although the process is not so platonic." In this fascinating description, Naked Stables and Naked Castle are famous. This article will take you into this legendary hotel world and                             explore the behind the scenes washing service story.

How did the world famous "Naked Stables" become?

The Naked Stables, which opened in 2011, is located in Moganshan valley. The project covers an area of 360 mu, with a total investment of 250 million yuan. It is a resort with dozens of tree top villas and circular rammed earth cottages. It establishes wild luxury brand characteristics with green sustainable development mode. It has 30 treetop villas, 40 rammed earth huts, Racecourse stables, 3 swimming pools, 3 restaurants, 1 conference center, 1 spa recreation and Sports Center, an organic farm and activity center, and 121 guest rooms. It is the first Eco Resort in China that has won the platinum certification of international LEED green building.

The Naked Stables advocates the idea of getting away from the numerous and complicated troubles of the crowd, returning to the pure state of life, integrating with the nature, the environment and the surrounding creatures, and enjoying the pure and natural life concept. It provides horse riding, swimming, picking, fishing, sports and other ways. It is generally favored by high-end conference tourism, reception tourism, staff development tourism and company press conference customers. About 20% of its customers are foreigners. With its unique positioning and high-quality service, Naked Stables quickly detonated the leisure and holiday market of the whole Moganshan area, and became the top hotel product in Moganshan area in Deqing, and quickly gained world reputation.

It's more difficult to get a room than "Naked Stables"

"Naked Castle"

When Naked Stables became famous all over the world, its founder, grant Horsfield, finally began to build the hidden castle that he once met in 2015. In 2017, Naked Castle officially stepped into people's view. Covering an area of 128 acres, Naked Castle has 95 well-designed luxury rooms scattered in the surging bamboo forest. High appearance, top interior design, time-consuming and laborious construction, and natural and boundless ecological play, which are adapted to local conditions and exceed expectations.

Meanwhile, Florence Nightingale Smith, the nurse wife of doctor mettengeng in Scotland, came to Hangzhou, China to build a British castle in the depths of Mogan mountain. Together with foreign friends, she helped and promoted the development of Chinese medical industry, provided accommodation for family members and medical staff. The past experience of accepting patients was also made public, which added a sense of historical significance to the project.

Behind the world famous hotel brand

Who is the lucky one in the linen washing supply?

The local government of Deqing put forward the corresponding development requirements and standards for the supporting washing service suppliers in order to create the world business card. In view of the advantages of favorable weather, favorable location and harmonious people, Zhejiang Deqing Libei washing Co., Ltd., which has carried out hotel linen washing business in Deqing for more than 10 years, has become the lucky one for the Naked project. In order to meet the washing needs of the Naked project and provide high-quality services, Libei washing will be upgraded in a large area in 2018. A large number of advanced modern washing equipment, such as Weishi continuous batch washer unit, six roller high-speed ironer, automatic linen feeder, towel folder, automatic transfer dryer, etc., have been introduced to guarantee the improvement of washing quality and efficiency as well as environmental protection and energy-saving production.

Core washing process of Naked linen

After the Naked linen is sent to Libei washing company, it will go through a series of professional washing processes, and then the cleaned linen will be transported back to the Naked.

1、Linen is sorted according to color and dirty, which can be divided into bed sheet, towel and special stain.

2、According to the linen classification, continuous batch washer or automatic washing equipment shall be selected for washing.

3、The special soiled linen is pretreated manually and then enters the washing process of the equipment.

4、After washing, enter the ironing process, to dryer, ironing machine or combined with roller and chest ironer according to the thickness of the linen.

5、Cleaning linen after ironing shall be packaged and delivered after quality inspection.

Strengthen modern washing equipment + customer service

To improve the quality of linen washing business

"On the one hand, the upgrading and transformation of washing equipment is based on the needs of customers, on the other hand, it also lies in the inherent requirements of the company's business efficiency improvement and energy conservation and environmental protection." The general manager of Libei washing general Lou said: "after the equipment came in, the operation of the whole factory has been greatly improved. First of all, the production capacity and efficiency of the enterprise have been significantly improved. With the use of Weishi continous batch washer and 2-rolls 2-chests and 2-rolls ironer, the washing and finishing capacity of the company has been greatly improved. Secondly, a lot of labor has been saved. The original four groups of ironer needs 4 groups of employees, and now only 3 groups are needed; the original production line needs 8 washing workers, but now only 2 are enough; and there is energy saving, This is also a major advantage of modern washing equipment. The water reuse system can save a lot of water and effectively reduce the cost, electricity and steam."

According to Mr. Lou, compared with the high-end hotel, because its service feature is basically mountain dwelling, it basically uses thickened bath towel, and pays great attention to ironing. Only by adding about 2 minutes of drying time can the drying and sterilization effect be more thorough, and at the same time, try to avoid the cloth and grass stains caused by the use of straw cart in the washing process. Libei company will also visit our customers regularly to understand their experience, so as to adjust and improve our service quality at any time.

With the continuous strict control of environmental protection requirements, the development of washing plants will also encounter a huge test. Mr. Lou said: in the future, in addition to adhering to the requirements of high-efficiency and high-quality modern intelligent factories, Libei washing company will continue to explore and try to develop the intensive operation ideas of the washing Park, so as to comply with the development trend of the local government and the whole German cleaning and washing industry, and explore a transformation road more in line with its own characteristics.

SOURCE:Deqing Libei Washing Co., Ltd

Some pictures are from the official website of Naked Stables and Naked Castle

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