Visit laundry factory | Lishui Tiantian:How to manage the high-quality washing company by 85s generation?

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Update the production process, improve production efficiency, and provide customers with more professional and quality services. Enterprising, open-minded learning, advocating efficiency and simplicity is not simple. President Lan,general maganer of Lishui Tiantian who born after 1985 led team to steadily walk on the road to realize China's laundry dream.

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Lishui City is located in the southwest of Zhejiang Province, the largest prefecture level city, known as "Zhejiang Green Valley". Lishui Tiantian washing Co., Ltd. is located in Shuige economic development zone with convenient transportation, abundant water resources and electric power resources.                                                                           

                                                            Development of Lishui Tiantian laundry

Lishui Tiantian washing Co., Ltd., formerly known as Lishui jinglijie linen washing and disinfection factory, was founded in 2005. At that time, the company mainly engaged in hotel linen and bedding washing and disinfection. After more than 10 years of hard work, the scale of the enterprise has gradually expanded and its business covers the whole city. Branches have been set up in Qingtian, Suichang and Longquan. In 2017, Lishui jinglijie linen washing and disinfection factory was officially registered and renamed as Lishui Tiantian washing Co., Ltd., and built a transport fleet of 20 large trucks to provide washing services for more than 300 customers including high-end hotels, hairdressing institutions and catering enterprises in Lishui City.

                                                     Young management team who dare to fight

As soon as I arrived at the company, I was attracted by a striking slogan at the entrance of the company, with the slogan content of "people together is a party, heart together is a team". Lan, the general manager of the company, who was born in 1987, said: "because I am relatively young, I prefer managers of the same age structure when I choose the management team. In this way, there will be more points of agreement in the formulation of the company's decision-making and production target direction, and it will be easier to reach a consensus. This may not be the same as many traditional large-scale washing factories. There should be few enterprises like ours that are founded and managed by a post-85s generation team. "

Although this young management team does not have very mature management experience, there is a common consensus that is "pragmatic" and do a good job in practical work. Young people have active thinking, strong ability of learning and communication, and they accept new things more quickly. The blue president of the company thinks this is not only a disadvantage but also an advantage to some extent. According to Mr. Lan, not only does he spend a lot of time on-the-spot visits to the washing factories of his peers all over the country every year, but also often arranges his employees to visit and learn from the better washing factories around Zhejiang. Compared with the hard work of starting a business, learning to borrow from the open attitude is one of the reasons for the rapid development of the company.

In terms of management mode, Lishui daily washing not only uses the piece work system which can mobilize the enthusiasm of the front-line staff of the production line and improve the work efficiency, but also tries the personal contract system on the logistics transportation line, changing the company's management responsibility into the supervision responsibility, changing the employee's original employment relationship into the present cooperative relationship, and realizing the common goal of pursuing win-win cooperation.

General manager of Lishui Tiantian washing Mr.Lan

                                               Good after-sales service is

                                                  the first consideration in choosing equipment

After the reform of the company, in addition to the hotel linen washing as the core business, it also actively expanded the laundry and bedding washing service business of medical institutions (medical business and linen washing were separated, and the possibility of linen and straw washing was strictly prohibited). In order to better participate in the market competition and improve the ability and quality of washing service, the company has re-established a washing service base in Shuige Economic Development Zone of Lishui City, which is only 5 km away from the city center and has convenient transportation. The new washing base covers an area of 20 mu, with a construction area of 10000 square meters.

After the completion of the new base, new requirements are put forward for the upgrading of production equipment. After a period of market investigation, Weishi's continuously batch washer line, automatic feeder with buffer lanes and chest ironer were newly introduced.

With the new Weishi series production line and the original 27 single machine equipment, the design capacity of the plant can reach 30 tons / day. Not only the production capacity has been steadily improved, but also a lot of labor has been saved, and the energy saving is obvious to all. In particular, the chest ironer on the finishing line has greatly improved the ironing quality of the linen, greatly meeting the requirements of customers.

In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, the product process technology of laundry equipment manufacturers is also changing with each passing day. However, due to the cost investment and equipment life cycle and many other reasons, the washing plant, as the equipment terminal, can not be updated synchronously with the manufacturer's product update speed. Therefore, it can only be set when the equipment is selected, the later maintenance and service of the equipment is an important index for equipment selection.

After several years of good cooperation, Weishi's after-sales service is very satisfactory. Therefore, Mr. Lan has become the "loyal fan" of Weishi, and has become a lifelong friend with senior industry personages such as Weishi president Mr.Lv and sales manager Mr. Gu. They often communicate through various ways. According to general manager Lan, Weishi's after-sales person will visit the factory to ensure that any problems can be timely responded by special person. Moreover, at the end of each year, equipment technicians come to the factory to carry out equipment maintenance and inspection, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and follow up the timely improvement and update of relevant equipment at the first time, which greatly guarantees the whole operation and production of the company make employees more confident when operating and using the equipment.

                                                               Excellent washing quality

                                                     is the key to win customer recognition

During the period of epidemic prevention and control, Lishui kept the production every day. On the basis of the original washing process, Lishui added higher washing requirements than usual standards, such as temperature and time adjustment, strict control of disinfection and sterilization in the links of receiving, sending, transportation, temporary storage, etc., and put forward more strict prevention operation requirements for the wine shops it serves to strictly prevent virus infection.

For example, the receiving and sending process of soiled linen ensures the centralized storage in an independent closed package, and strictly implements the washing requirements of one guest for one change of the hotel linen; the main washing temperature of the washing and disinfection process is above 80 ℃, and the main washing time is not less than 20 minutes, so as to ensure the effective elimination of bacteria. And realize the whole process tracking and disinfection of linen receiving, washing and transportation.

According to general manager Lan, the satisfaction of users is the foundation for the survival and development of Lishui Tiantian washing Co., Ltd. through continuous development and improvement of diversified services, they meet the growing demand of users for high-quality services. In the course of operation and development, the company has established and improved a set of good faith management mechanism, put the integrity management into the important work schedule, and use the mechanism to ensure that the service work and the integrity construction are carried out simultaneously. At the same time, we are also actively exploring the use of advanced chip technology to track and manage the process of linen, and develop relevant supporting management software, striving to provide customers with more efficient, convenient and high-quality washing service.

It is understood that in order to let customers rest assured of the safety and health of washing quality, the company also entrusts qualified third-party testing Co., Ltd. to regularly carry out professional detection of bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and other microorganisms in hotel bedding to ensure that each piece of cotton fabric issued meets the health requirements.

At present, Weixun washing, an independent medical washing service sector managed by Lishui Tiantian washing management team and managed by professionals, is also developing steadily, with customers covering more than 95% of medical institutions in Lishui City and its subordinate counties and cities. During the epidemic period, Weixun took protecting people's health and safety as its own responsibility, and provided complete logistics support for medical institutions in Lishui. In the future, they will also speed up the development of medical washing business, carry out some new attempts in the socialized professional medical washing and soft instrument disinfection business, seize the opportunity, and do a good job in washing quality and service.

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