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Guangdong Jianhong Intelligent Technology Service Co., Ltd., as a national high-tech enterprise of health care and decontamination, serves more than 80 health care sectors in the Pearl River Delta region, with a daily washing capacity of 250000 pieces. The washing capacity accounts for 60% of the market share of Guangzhou in health care laundry. What Wanzi women's column is going to tell you today is Zhou Huiping, general manager of Jianhong company, who has been constantly improving the team building and sharing the experience of 20 years' development with Jianhong company.

It has been 20 years since entering the trade

From 1998, a hospital laundry in Guangzhou was contracted to get involved in health care laundry, and then a small-scale laundry factory was built in 2013. In 2014, the first health care laundry production line in South China was introduced and a medium-sized medical washing factory with 100000 pieces per day was established. At the end of 2017, it encountered environmental protection storm, and social funds were introduced to merge and reorganize Guangdong Jianhong Intelligent Technology Service Co., Ltd., and Zhou Huiping worked hard more than 20 years in health care sector.

In the past 20 years, Zhou Huiping has personally experienced and witnessed the whole process from the beginning to the development of Guangdong medical washing industry. In her eyes, the company's development from the modern health model based on single machine washing to the Zhenhong mode of leasing washing business marked by the continuous batch washer unit, and then to the modern intelligent rent washing mode with social fund restructuring after experiencing the environmental protection wave, which is just able to reflect the three important processes of Guangdong health care washing reform.

Jianhong mode mainly adopts single machine washing, which is in line with the requirements of the hospital laundry room, and the laundryers are also trained by the hospital. While undertaking the hospital business, it also received the original staff and equipment. The investment is not large, and the washing requirements are not high, so the pressure is not big, and the profit space is relatively large. In Jianhong mode, although the cost of cloth loss and labor cost has been effectively saved, the corresponding demand for talents in equipment operation and maintenance, auxiliary chemicals use, and technical specialty has begun to increase significantly, and the limitations of management and operation mode have also begun to show gradually. It was not until Jianhong was re-established that the enterprise met the requirements of contemporary environmental protection reform in a real sense, moving towards a modern, intelligent and standardized green environmental protection washing, fine management and large-scale and standardized production.

Especially after this year's epidemic, the company took part in the telephone conference organized by the National Medical Association for washing and health care treatment for the first time. Together with the expert group, the company completed the preparation of the epidemic prevention manual for socialized health care laundry during the epidemic period. In this process, the factory itself has also completed a professional and self-management improvement and transformation, making the company become a hospital together for the prevention and control of hospital infection and the improvement of hospital logistics support Community of responsibility. After sorting out the three important development history of the company, Zhou Huiping felt a little bit proud as well.

Firm faith will usher in the dawn of hope

Zhou Huiping continued: "at present, health care laundry has involved medical safety, and the requirements for hospital infection control are increasingly strict. The laundry companies and hospitals have become the community of responsibility. Next, the deep management of enterprises is indispensable. The construction of hospital infection system, or whether it will be included in the medical management system in the future, is inevitable In this paper. New medical washing has entered the industrial scope of large-scale and standardization, and there are many standards that need to be known, followed or formulated. The main equipment is not only a single washing machine, ironer and clothes dryer, but also a large-scale continuous batch washer production line with higher efficiency and intelligence, as well as modern industrial equipment such as bag-hanging logistics system, high-speed ironer and automatic folder.

In Zhou Huiping's opinion, health care washing is a washing business that emphasizes the particularity of washing and disinfection and the timeliness of service. It needs 24 hours to cope with the supply of hospital linen at any time. Therefore, the requirements for after-sales service to solve problems will be very high. When selecting equipment, not only the cost performance of the equipment is given priority, but also the after-sales service ability of the equipment supplier is taken as an important consideration. Fortunately, in the process of cooperation with Shanghai Weishi Machinery Co., Ltd., Weishi's own strong product technology research and development and upgrading capabilities, as well as high-quality after-sales service, always respond to their needs in the first time, thus eliminating many worries.

Zhou Huiping always believed that Jianhong grew up in the tide of health care washing reform, recognized the early start of "new health care washing" and reform, consciously established the expert consultant database, reserved and trained talents, cooperated in various aspects, established the direction of operation and management, took the route of "specialization, standardization and intelligence (digital)", and gradually constructed and implemented systematic management and paid attention to technological innovation. The application of new technology is the only way for the development of the company. She said: "the ideal is full, but the reality is very skinny. It is a bloody cost to complete the above series of actions, and there is no output after two years of input. Nevertheless, we still firmly believe that the short-term non-profit is to create a larger profit point, and we have seen the hope and the dawn. Because we hope to be different, we will continue to invest in trial and error costs. We will be confused, entangled and hesitant, and finally we will move forward without hesitation. "

It is not easy to insist and strive to win in the future

"As a manager of the laundry industry for 20 years, the Spring Festival every year is my deepest feeling. Because of the particularity of the industry, there must be people on duty 365 days to ensure the supply of hospital bedding and clothing. Since I started my career, I spend New Year's Eve with employees every year, hoping to bring a little warmth to the staff. In my life, I am an optimist. Basically, I have no troubles. I occasionally encounter problems and anxieties. If I ask a few friends to have a meal and sing, I will quickly adjust my mind. The only regret is that I don't accompany my family very much. So I particularly hope to change the current working situation through standardized services. " When it comes to her own perception of the profession, Zhou Huiping said.

"After 20 years of laundry career, I feel heavy social responsibility and responsibility for the enterprise. As a service industry of people's livelihood, medical washing enterprises are very special and important in the whole medical washing industry. It is the bounden duty of the medical washing enterprises to serve the medical logistics and guarantee the supply. Only with high standard safety service quality can we effectively provide strong support for the prevention and control of hospital infection, and can we guard our most beautiful medical and nursing retrograde. The changes have made me more and more resistant to pressure, and my understanding of medical washing has gradually deepened, and my goal has become clearer. "

As described by Zhou Huiping, through two years of talent reserve and training, Jianhong team has begun to take shape, and has made some visible achievements in the construction and operation of the factory. It not only has 5 continuous batch washer production lines, supporting more than 100 sets of various single washing, drying and ironing equipment, but also has built a sewage treatment station with a daily treatment capacity of 1800t. It has established a complete set of production management system, quality and health monitoring system, service system, safety production management system, water management system, equipment management and emergency treatment mechanism, and has passed IS09001 International quality management system certification, ISO14001 international environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, cleaner production certification, environmental protection system certification.

While constantly improving the factory management, Zhou Huiping found that the division of labor and cooperation of the team is playing an increasingly important role. Washing as a traditional low-end industry, with the continuous innovation of washing technology, process and equipment, the requirements for technical personnel are higher. Therefore, the introduction of technical talents with an open mind, the construction and improvement of the company's technical team and management team, breaking through the limitations of the traditional operation and management mode, has become another major work of Jianhong in recent years. With the concerted efforts of all of us, some patent inventions and soft works began to appear gradually.

Zhou Huiping confidently said: in the future, Jianhong will continue to change, through the change of operation mode, establish standardized service products, improve the degree of industrialization of enterprises, make full use of information technology such as the Internet of things big data, simplify the management process of medical fabrics, establish an integrated service system of washing and renting, and provide more professional and standardized services for hospitals. We hope that in the near future, we can standardize the industry standards, establish a benign business environment, and build a new pattern of healthy development of the industry and enterprises.

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