【Personal interview part 3】The epidemic is hard to shake ambition——Dialogue with Lv Liyi, chairman of Weishi

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Chairman of WEISHI Lv Liyi



ILD :We are deeply encouraged and excited by Weishi's plan. There is no enterprise group at home and abroad that can provide a full range of industrial washing equipment and full range of solutions for social washing, institutional washing and clothing washing at the same time. It seems that Weishi is going to work in this direction?

Lv Liyi:Weishi has already possessed certain brand influence and has some conditions for integration and adjustment. Of course, that's not enough. To integrate it, we should not only rely on Weishi's own strength, but also collect the professional resources of the industry through its platform. We should recruit talents and have an open mind.

There are many new standards in the field of medical washing. Shanghai roulong is quite professional in this aspect. We have cooperated with some projects before. Now the opportunity is ripe and we have to make quick decisions. Weishi machinery has formally controlled roulong, making it a specialized subsidiary of Weishi's independent medical market. Weishi will operate with the double brand of roulong. After the epidemic, the country will have higher and stricter requirements on medical services, and it will further enter the high-end medical decontamination fields such as socialized medical washing factories, laundry rooms of medical institutions and the third-party disinfection and supply center of soft equipment. Liao Ming is a good friend of mine for many years. Everyone has the same idea and understanding. Now he has become a closer partner. With the addition of roulong and its team, modular dragon and stand-alone product series can also be added to fill some gaps in the Weishi product line.

Finishing has always been a strong point of Weishi, but in recent years we have been more focused on washing linen. Now we have introduced Liu Jia, Li Jingjin and others from the original Shanghai yibeijie team to restart Weishi laundry company. Weishi plans to further develop the central dry cleaning factory and professional clothing washing factory, and also vigorously develop the laundry area of hotels and other institutions to further expand the market width. Different markets need different marketing strategies. In order to avoid conflicts, Weishi Machinery Sales Department will not directly intervene in the hotel and hospital laundry market, but will independently develop the dealer channel through Shanghai roulong and Weishi laundry company. Multi mode and multi-channel are parallel, which is also a new attempt to build more partnerships.

Of course, Weishi also has several other industries, such as automatic garment sewing, high-end garment washing and dyeing, automobile customized interior decoration, automatic warehousing and logistics, etc., each of which has a large development space and is in continuous follow-up. Weishi hopes to play its strengths in these people's livelihood automation equipment and achieve synchronous development.



ILD :Intelligentization has always been a long-term goal pursued by the washing industry. Weishi has long had a layout in this respect. After a series of adjustments, what is the next step of Weishi's plan?

Lv Liyi:Intelligent laundry production and service is the key development direction of the industry in the future. Through this epidemic situation, it can be seen that data information management will play a very important role in people's livelihood and economy. Changsha Nanwei Software Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Weishi holding company which focuses on Internet solutions. Zhou Liang and Fu Bin have completed a lot of practical information transformation projects of Weishi large-scale washing plants, and the feedback is good. We also plan to formally move it to Weishi Songjiang base, so that it can be more closely integrated into Weishi industrial control automation system and various solutions. Weishi has the first mover advantage in the field of intelligence and informatization, and both of them are its own industrial control system and information system. If it achieves deep integration, it will definitely provide customers with better use experience and create greater economic benefits.

Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. Through these adjustments, Weishi will continue to maintain its competitive advantage in the field of large and medium-sized laundry factories, take into account and fill in some of the original vacant markets, and achieve more comprehensive development. Of course, Weishi's resource integration and strategic adjustment will not be limited to this, and more and broader cooperative partnership will be established according to the development needs of each link.

Weishi will build a worldwide basic platform for professionals and young people to play a greater role in the industry. There is a large stone tablet on the Huangshan Mountain, engraved with: immediately empty the East China Sea, climbing to see the peace ("Lima" is the registered brand of Weishi). This is more in line with Weishi, based in China and opening up the world. In the future global market, the competition between made in China and foreign brands will surely require the active participation of Weishi.

ILD :Thank you for sharing. You have also drawn a good blueprint for the future development of Weishi and formulated relevant strategies. We sincerely wish that Weishi machinery will soon "set up five continents" and that China's washing equipment manufacturing will stand on the top of the world as soon as possible.

Published in April,2020 edition of ILD magazine