Why using the intelligent conveying system to improve the production efficiency of Tunnel Finisher?

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May, Why using the intelligent conveying system to improve the production efficiency of Tunnel Finisher?

       In the laundries, the washing process forthe work wear and uniforms normally includes: washing、drying、folding、packing, the equipment involved is no more than washer extractor/ washer plus dryer. It's a consecutive process, the following process have to wait the former process done, thus leading to the low efficiency, heavy labor intensity and unsatisfactory finishing results.

     However,all these disadvantages have been solved with the emergence of the tunnel finisher, garment folder connected with automated conveyor system.


HGX-Q9000 Tunnel finisher with automatic conveying system in Garment factory in Africa                               HGX-J1200 Tunnel finisher with automatic folder and conveying system in Laundry factory


      The automated conveyor system consisting oftunnel finisher and garment folder is a streamline process; therefore the followingprocess has no more waiting for the garments and the efficiency has beengreatly improved. The automated conveyor system carries thegarments into the tunnel finisher, where the garments are dried and finished.The strong hot air flow within chambers dries garment efficiently and softensfibers and removes wrinkles, thus ensuring high finishing quality. More importantly,the hot air cycling design within the chamber features highly energy conservation. After the going through the finishing, the conveyor system would transport the garments into automatic garment folder. Thus the streamline process from drying and finishing to sorting and folding is achieved.The automated conveyor system greatly increases the finishing quality andefficiency while reducing labor, labor intensity and energy consumption. 

                                                                                                                                                   Hot air cycling process

For example: A laundry industry in Shanghai, line process in healthcare. Its capacity is 1000 pcs /hour. 

The steam consumption and labor cost is as below:


                                                                                                      A drawing of complete set of Tunnel finisher with automatic folder and conveying system for our customer

        SWM has developed and manufactured tunnel finishersas early as 2008, when the first tunnel finisher was exported to Singapore. Withthe in-depth investigation in laundry industry, we noticed the efficiency,energy consumption, and finishing quality achieved by normal dryers aren’tsatisfactory in dealing with work wear and uniforms. With the tunnel finisher, thegarments are streamlined for drying and finishing in a free hanging configuration,which ensures the finishing quality and efficiency.

      Since the first tunnel finisher put in use, SWM has sold more than 300sets tunnel finishers. In 2014, SWM further realized the automation and intelligentization of tunnel finisher by integrating with automated conveyor system, therefore, SWM lays a solid foundation for big data for future laundries. 

           We, SWM will explore and create a better future with you together!