JUNE, Have a look inside WEISHI feeder series High speed and stable feeding accessible to any laundry!

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JUNE, Have a look inside WEISHI feeder series   High speed and stable feeding accessible to any laundry!

The long-distance high hanging feeder withtemporary storage function and the feeder with strong wind suction powerfrequently appear in the friend circle and short video in the laundry, becomingthe star production in the high speed iron line.



At the end of June last year, theinstallation and commissioning of Weishi conveying and feeding system with fourstations was completed in Sanhe Taiyue laundry factory. Two high-speed ironinglines are connected with the system, which correspond to bed sheet and quiltcover ironing lines respectively. The pillowcase is sent and ironed manually inthe automatic linen spreading interval. One month later, the conveying andfeeding system with the function of loading、storage andautomatic spreading won the high recognition of general manager Dai due to itssimple structure, low failure rate and high efficiency. At the same time, theworking time is shortened by more than one hour. So Mr. Dai immediatelypurchased the second system, which was installed in the ironing section on thesecond floor. 

"Weishi conveying and feeding systemis simple, time-saving and labor-saving. What's more, it is necessary toeliminate all the structures and solenoid valves that are not practical andcomplicated, and complete the same work in the simplest way, so as to besimple, efficient and not simple. Originally, one or two people could be reducedin a team, but I don't think it's necessary. What we have to do is toredistribute the work of the staff, so that the staff can get more benefits anda sense of belonging. " Said Dai Heping, general manager of BeijingOriental Tai Yue washing Co., Ltd. 

"A good beginning is half done."In the high speed flatwork line with feeding, ironing and folding, the linenfeeder is the key starting point to ensure the quality of ironing performance.Now, the feeder has already entered the laundry factory all over the country.The conveying and feeding system with temporary storage function has become theleading role in the market gradually because of its unique charm of shorteningthe sorting time of wet cloth and improving the utilization rate of ironingline. The convenient use of single angle feeding reduces the labor intensity ofoperators. The cloth hanging on the temporary storage line improves the spaceutilization rate, while the water can be naturally evaporated, which improvesthe subsequent ironing speed and reduces the steam energy consumption. 

Weishi started to research and develop the feedersince 2016, and the first ZP / 01 feeder appeared in the laundry exhibition inthe same year. In 2017, Weishi successfully brought the second generation ZP /02 to the market according to the needs of customers. The series ZP / 03 and ZP/ 04 of conveying and feeding system launched in 2018 is a new technologicalinnovation after the introduction of international advanced high-endtechnologies such as Switzerland and Germany, more in line with the needs of laundryindustry in China. In 2019, aiming at the common problems of linen feeding,Weishi developed the fifth generation ZP / 05 with strong suction function andeasy to clip and not easy to drop.



Feeder is the starting point to determinethe quality of ironing performance. In order to do a good job in this key link,Weishi go deep into the customer's site, find out the deficiencies and defectsin combination with the operation of the equipment, and constantly improve andupgrade. Now, Weishi has applied for a number of technical invention patents,and its products have already been sold all over the country and overseas markets.



Before the industrial revolution, becausethere was no machinery, people used their own physical labor to produce value.In the era of industrial revolution, machinery replaced physical labor,liberated human resources and created greater value. In recent years, thepopularity and application of continuous batch washer and high-speed flatworksystem is undoubtedly the catalyst for the transformation of the laundryindustry, and a sharp tool for upgrading the industry and improving thecompetitiveness of enterprises! We are all partners, Weishi machinery iswilling to work with you to develop a better tomorrow in laundry industry!