AUGUST, A hot topic of the intelligent logistics in the laundry room!

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Logistics is an important part of people's daily life. Logistics is the artery of the national economy and the link between production and consumption, cities and villages.

With the increasing application of continous batch washer in China, more and more owners pay attention to the logistics transmission in workshop, which has become an important part of workshop production efficiency and energy consumption.

Here is an example of the continous batch washer unit, the logistics transmission can be divided into the conveying system in the preparing section and transporstion in the finishing section. The conveying system in the preparing section for the solied linen includes the feeding system of the continous batch washer unit and the belt shuttle after drying. There are generally two kinds of feeding system, one is bag system, the other is inclined conveyor belt (commonly known as climbing warehouse). The bag hanging system makes full use of the upper space of the workshop to transfer the solied linen from the ground to the upper space, where it can temporarily store, transport and feed materials to the loading scoop. The climbing warehouse is a conveying tool for feeding linen, which directly sends the solied linen to the washer for cleaning.

                                                                                                    Batch washer feeding device

      The conveying system in the preparing section

The conveying system in the finishing section includes the cleaning bag system and the finishing logistics transportation. The cakes and loose goods will be automatically fed into the cleaning bag by the conveying belt, and will be transported to the feeder, ironer and folder or towel folder / manual folding area through temporary storage, connection and operation in the space. The folded and stacked clean linen is automatically transported to the designated point through the logistics transmission line behind the folder, and the operator counts, classifies, packs, arranges, loads and leaves the warehouse according to the information.

Weishi intelligent logistics system in the finishing section, washer unit and flatwork finishing system can be interconnected. Robot technology is applied to realize the whole process automation, reducing labor force and improving efficiency.

Smooth logistics transportation system is like a smart and efficient new "artery". Intelligent transportation to the point and station is the key part of reducing human intensity and improve the productivity. Weishi intelligent logistics transportation system has laid a solid foundation for the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of the laundry factory, and has provided a reliable guarantee for the development of the laundry factory!

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