Strengthen management丨Weishi held the quality management training course

Release Time:2020-08-05        Views:102

In order to promote the advanced quality management, improve the quality management level of our company and enhance the quality management awareness of all employees,Weishi invited Mr. Pan Ying, technical expert of Shanghai Institute of quality management sciences, national registered chief quality officer training teacher, national registration (CCAA) certification training institution and training course assessor, to our headquarters for relevant quality management training. More than 80 persons from the R & D department, factories leaders, team leaders and some sales person of the marketing department attended the training.

In the training, in order to deepen the trainees' understanding for quality, Mrs. Pan carefully prepared the teaching plan according to the Weishi management characteristics. She comprehensively analyzed the definition and

characteristics of quality, the relationship between quality and products, the relationship between quality and testing, the relationship between inspection and testing, and the relationship between quality and ISO9001, etc. based on typical cases, he made a deep analysis on the quality management system standards. The adoption of quality management system is a strategic decision of an organization, which can help improve its overall performance and lay a good foundation for promoting sustainable development.

While explaining the quality management system, Mrs. Pan introduced some important quality management tools and management knowledge, which provided new ideas and methods for improving the quality management level of the company and improving the quality and efficiency of production.

Mrs. Pan organized a group discussion among the trainees, and used brainstorming method to list the relevant parties and their needs and expectations. Not only to mobilize the enthusiasm and participation of the participants, but also to make the training truly targeted and practical.

During the training, the trainees actively asked for advice, and Mrs. Pan patiently answered questions, and achieved good results.

The training aims to further strengthen the construction of Weishi machinery quality management team, enhance the safety and quality management awareness of the majority of employees, tighten the ideological chord, and strengthen the defense, so as to promote the safety and quality management level of Weishi machinery. Through this training, Weishi will further improve the enterprise management system, accurately benchmark the problems of internal control system, continuously improve the overall management level and core competitiveness of the company, provide good management support for the follow-up production and operation process, and lay a solid management foundation for the high-quality development of Weishi.