Oct, Software -- the foundation of building intelligent laundry factory

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Tourism, healthcare, hospitality, aviation, railway, bath and other industries in China have developed rapidly in the wave of reform for more than 40 years, and people's requirements for the quantity and quality of linen washing are also constantly improving. As a traditional industry, washing plants are widely distributed and have uneven production and management capabilities. Especially in underdeveloped areas, a large number of washing plants have backward washing equipment and manual management mode, which urgently needs to be transformed and upgraded to intelligent washing factories with "automation, lean, digitalization and informatization".

With the expansion of upstream and downstream businesses such as product leasing, entrusted operation and maintenance, and other value-added services, the profit margin of washing enterprises will increase. More and better new technologies such as visual recognition, artificial intelligence, 5G service, robots and so on will be applied to the washing industry. The contribution of the industry to social public health will be more prominent, and the social status of the industry will be further improved. With the development of Internet technology, cloud computing, big data and network technology, software plays an increasingly important role in the construction of intelligent washing factory.

Production equipment

Firstly, on the production equipment level, embedded software embedded in the washing equipment can realize real-time perception through different sensors, and accurately control and detect the operation and process flow of the equipment. It can be said that the soul of washing equipment is embedded software!

Embedded software is the foundation of building intelligent washing factory, which outputs production data continuously. For example, the daily output of washing equipment, washing water consumption, washing energy consumption and washing process parameters are all generated by embedded software. A high quality and convenient embedded software combined with washing production process can give full play to the highest efficiency of the equipment and achieve the maximum efficiency with the lowest energy consumption in the production and processing process.

Plant operation

Secondly, the washing factory operation level, using the Internet of things and Internet technology, through software to achieve the washing factory information management. By integrating all kinds of data in the washing factory into the database, managers can query, count and track conveniently. The main significance of information management for laundry enterprises is mainly reflected in two aspects: 1) equipment maintenance and maintenance management; 2) equipment consumables inventory management; 3) real-time management of equipment operation status; 4) management of transportation vehicles; 5) energy consumption management of equipment; 6) quantitative assessment of staff positions; 7) washing Comprehensive analysis of energy consumption and output. At the same time, the RFID (radio frequency identification) chip can be implanted into the cloth grass as the identity identification of cloth tracing and data collection. Then, the intelligent washing factory management cloud platform based on cloud computing is developed by using the Internet of things, mobile Internet, big data and other technologies. It can realize the intelligent production management and big data analysis functions of linen washing and process control, which is exactly laundry The important value of enterprise informatization lies in.

Using software management system in washing plant can integrate resources reasonably, reduce management cost and improve comprehensive economic benefits of enterprises. It is the best choice for enterprises to optimize the allocation of resources by using the operation software management system of washing plants, and it is also a breakthrough point for enterprises to carry out production management. The software system can adapt to the changes of the market, constantly upgrade, expand the software functions, and keep pace with the times, thus promoting the service level of the washing and dyeing industry.

As early as 2010, Shanghai Weishi Machinery Co., Ltd. undertook the development of national 12th Five Year Plan supporting projects, In 2013, the national project of laundry dragon passed the acceptance of the national expert group and began mass production. In terms of washing software, Weishi machinery deeply understood the needs of the washing industry and established a professional software team. Whether for the embedded software of the equipment or the operation and management software of the washing factory, Wess engineers went to the site, listened to the customers' opinions, understood the software frontier technology, and concentrated on themselves Main research and development. Strive to make our software more appropriate to customers, more in line with the development trend of the industry. With the gradual dissipation of the impact of the epidemic, the rapid recovery of the national economy and industry, the gradual recovery of business circle popularity, people's demand for travel consumption is becoming increasingly strong, the washing industry will gradually get out of the "haze" of the epidemic and usher in greater development opportunities! We are all partners, Weishi machinery is willing to work with you to develop a better tomorrow of washing industry!