Monorail & Bag-system




                Preparing section with sorting                                       Finishing section with transportation for the clean linen

                and storage for the soiled linen

Energy saving, automation and high efficiency

A、No power conveying system. The bags on the rail to slide with its gravity to ensure a green environment. PLC controlled, automatically weighting, sorting and feeding to ensure the high-efficiency.

Reliable operation

A、The rail with stainless steel and corrosion resistance, pressed 6mm steel trolley body to increase the load capacity and reliable performance.


Modular design

A、Designed for kinds of different storage sections to sort the linen into a continuous batch washer or several at the same time for cleaning.

B、Transporting the bed sheets, quilt covers and towels into continuous batch washer proportionally to improve the work efficiency, reduce the conveying time and labor intensity.

Product Leaflet
Product Leaflet
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Instruction Manual
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