Intelligent Clothing Finishing System


 One-stop solution to AI clothing transport and sorting system


                       smart hanger hook                            WEISHI customized RFID hanger


Wide range of applicantion

A,The system is to reduce the labor intensity in clothing classification, handling and stacking during production through intelligent transmission to achieve unmanned or less industrial upgrading. It is widely used in laundry factory and garment factory.

High precision controlling management

A、The intelligent hardware and digital software of the system are perfectly integrated. Transmission, sorting and storage are all controlled by a digital system. Also integrated with the ERP and constructs "big data" management of enterprise.

B、Adopt  high-frequency RFID card reader and chip, DuPont material "smart hanger hook" and configure the "Smart Call Terminal" to realize high precision and high speed response.

Multiple application categories

A、Weishi intelligent conveying system can ne classified as DF system,XF system,NF system to meet the any requirements in laundry or garment factories.

Product Leaflet
Product Leaflet
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Instruction Manual
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  • Transmission sorting speed:3800pcs/h